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Brother M. M. Lagos, Nigeria


I am grateful to GOD for this site. My knowledge and understanding of the WORD has increased tremendously.
  I became born again in the year 2006 and soon after started drifting. Sickness was trying to get a hold of me because of my lifestyle. I felt alarming symptoms in my body, was without a job for over a year.
But thank GOD I got myself together. I got healed and relieved from all the symptoms. The LORD also performed miracles in my life.
   This site played a very important role in receiving my healing. I thought sickness and setbacks were done by GOD to “punish me” or “humble me”. This site has really helped me understand a lot about GOD my Father, HIS kind heart & HIS will for my life.
“My people perish for lack of knowledge”. Lack of knowledge deprives a lot of Christians from receiving from GOD.
I thank the owner of this site for correcting misconceptions about the WORD of GOD. May GOD bless you.
Please join me in thanking the LORD for HE is good and HIS mercies endureth forever toward me.

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