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God’s Word Is The Final Arbiter

“Every Scripture is inspired by God and is useful for teaching, for convincing, for correction of error, and for instruction in right doing; so that the man of God may himself be complete and may be perfectly equipped for every good work” (2 Timothy 3:16-17 WNT).

In the highest court of law in any nation, once the judge delivers a verdict, it becomes final and binding, being the final arbiter between the parties. Even if the party who lost the case is aggrieved, he has no option but to obey the judgment. That’s the idea I want you to have in your mind concerning the Word of God—it’s the final arbiter concerning any situation of life. It’s the last word on any subject, be it your business, marriage, relationships, health etc.

Once you discover what the Word says concerning anything, you ought to immediately align yourself with it, irrespective of the situation, or what your natural senses tell you. Train yourself to accept the Word and do what it says always! That’s where your promotion lies. That’s your guarantee for true and lasting success.

There’re folks who when it seems the Word of God is opposed to their desires or human assumptions would say “Please let’s put the Bible aside!” They take sides against the Word when it rocks their boat. Never be that way. Never act contrary to the Word of God. Even if you were already a long way down a particular road, and then through the light of God’s Word discovered it was the wrong road, have the wisdom and humility to turn around and do what the Word says.

The Psalmist said “…thou hast magnified thy word above all thy name” (Psalm 138:2). The Lord has exalted His Word above all the revelations of His own Name—that’s to show you how serious He takes His Word. If the Creator of the universe would reverence His own Word this way, how much more should we reverence and accept it as the final arbiter and only truth to live by!  

The Word of God is “truth” (John 17:17); that means “reality!” meaning that nothing in the world could be more real than the Word! Therefore make it the final arbiter in every area of your life.


The Word of God is the supreme law and regulator of my thoughts, words and actions. I’m fully yielded to the Word to do what it says! My life is a testimony of the Word of God’s grace, as I follow and align myself with it every day. I give the Word prime position in my life, exalting and magnifying it above human reasoning and theories! Thus, my profiting is appearing unto all men.

Further Study

Psalm 119:105

Hebrews 4:12

(Taken by permission from Christ Embassy Church , aka Believer’s LoveWorld Ministries , Lagos, Nigeria. )


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