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Keep the Switch of Faith Turned On


Then enquired he [Jesus] of them the hour when he began to amend....(John 4:52)

Because healing is not always instantaneous, many people lose the beginning of their healing because they don't know that.

Unfortunately, whenever I say that, people usually respond, "Well, Brother Hagin, under the ministry of Jesus, Jesus always healed everybody instantly." But I read in the Bible that under the ministry of Jesus, the nobleman's son began to "amend from that hour" (John 4:52). That means that he began to get better until he was finally all right.

Many people miss out on God's blessings because they don't receive an instant manifestation. But through the years, our ministry has had innumerable people healed of terminal cancer, and of all of those cases of healing, only one person was healed instantly.

I remember laying hands on a woman in Illinois as I ministered the healing power of God to her body. Eleven days later, as she woke up in the morning, she said to her husband, "I'm healed."

She said, "I usually wake up screaming with pain, but I don't have any pain." She waited three days, took no medicine, and no symptoms returned. She finally went to one of the doctors on the case, who ran every test he could run, but couldn't find a trace of the disease in her.

What happened? The power of God was administered to her, and it drove that cancer right out of her body. Now if she had said, "Well, I've still got my symptoms so it didn't work," she would have turned off the switch of faith and she would not have received her healing. But she kept the switch of faith turned on.

Confession I will keep the switch of faith turned on. I will believe that God's healing power is actively at work in my body effecting a healing and a cure.

(Taken by permission from RHEMA Bible Church , aka Kenneth Hagin Ministries , Tulsa , OK , USA. )

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