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Miss N. Canada


I was in very bitterness because of certain idea that controlled me, & made me captive for a long time to disease, it's that: God sometimes does not want us to be healed either for an unknown wisdom or to teach us a lesson - this idea ingrained more on the failure of the available treatment.
  But I realized through this site How dangerous is that idea and how much it give the Devil a greater opportunity to invade our lives & afflicts us with what is more evil, and God as a Father, in His kind heart, can not bear one moment of pain attacking His children. God, who said: "...for he that touches you touches the apple of his eye.
..." ,
How does he prevent healing?
  This site restored Hope again inside me, despite the years eaten by locusts, also I thank the owner of this site for his efforts to correct many dark misconceptions that filled my mind without foundation.

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