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Prophecy about Prayer 1980

This prophecy has been given by Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin when he taught on Prayer Seminar on,  1980:

You see, I have said-it has been prophesied by the Spirit of God, spoken by the Spirit, given by prophecy, given by tongues and interpretation; men speaking out of their hearts that burden, that word, that conviction that was put into their spirits by the Spirit of God concerning these days…concering a great move of God and a great move of the Spirit.

But those things cannot come, even though that is the will of God (unless) …You see, God is speaking forth His will; God is speaking forth His plan; God is speaking forth His purpose. But, you see, you are the Body of Christ. That great move of God that is just waiting there, it cannot come unless the Church gives birth to it. Remember that Paul writing to the Church at Galatia said, “My little children of whom I travail in birth again, until Christ be formed in you.”

The way that you will give birth unto the move of God and unto that which He has planned, that which is His highest purpose, and will for your land and for this day-the way you give birth to it is to bring it about through travail and intercessory prayer.

So the Spirit of God is enlisting men and women today to volunteer to be one of those who will sacrifice even the legitimate pleasures of life, and come aside from fellowship with others that they enjoy so much, and spend time on their face in intercession.” He is seeking out those today who will respond to Him. Thank God, my heart answers back, “Lord, I am one of them. I am one of them.” And others will enlist, and will enter into the greatest ministry there is-the ministry of intercession.

And so it shall come. It shall come. The darkness that hovers on the horizon of time, the darkness that hovers on the horizon of our nation, will be dispelled and driven back for the light of God will shine through; and the rivers of the Spirit will flow; and the blessings of God will come; and it shall break-break upon us like a mighty dam has broken. And the flood waters will rush forth, sweeping before them all that is in their path. So the flood waters of His blessing and His goodness and His Spirit shall sweep forth like a mighty flood. Not to bring devastating results-but to bring glorious results. Not to bring death and destruction-but to bring Life, and Peace, and Health and Healing. And glorious shall be the day thereof. Giving yourself unto intercession, then you shall be one who will see the fruits of your labors. So labor on-Pray on in persistence and in faith. And the flood gates of His blessings shall be loosed upon the world and upon this nation. And it will be so, and it can be so, and it shall be so that the Church shall yet see her finest hour in this time and in this day!

(Taken by permission from RHEMA Bible Church , aka Kenneth Hagin Ministries , Tulsa , OK , USA. )


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