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Renewal of The Mind



Gal 5:25

“If we have have been part-takers of the life of the new man, then let us live out the characteristics of the new man.” (Paraphrased translation)

1.1. A circumcision that God praises

Rom 2:28-29; Col 2:11; Gal 6:15.

1.2. The old man is crucified – but must be put off. The new man is created – but must be put on.

Eph 4:22-24; Phil 1:6; Col 3;9-10

1.3 The new man is Christ in us.

Gal 2:20; Col 1:27

1.4. The new man operates through a renewed mind.

Rom 12:2

1.5.  A new service.

Rom 6:10+15+19+22; Rom 7:6

This new service must be accepted.

1.5.1.   Rom 8:4-8

A walk in the spirit is a walk in the life of the man.

 1.5.2.   Rom 8:13

By the spirit (the new man) we put an end to the workings of the old man in our lives. 

1.5.3.   Rom 1:9

The ministry of the spirit – a ministry in the new man.

1.6  The New Man let us know that what God has given us.

1 Cor 2:12+15

1.7. The New Man lets us experience adoption.

Rom 8:15-16

1.8. The fruit of the New Man.

Gal 5:22

1.9. The New Man’s victory over sin.

1. John 3:9

1.10. The New Man is renewed.

Col 3:10



Prov. 23:7: The way we think determines the way we live

2.1. The un-born again man lives according to his darkened mind.

Eph. 4:17-18; Tit 1:15; Rom 1:28; Acts 3:19; Col 1:21

2.2.The Soul is a battlefield – you decide who is going to win.

   2.2.1 Things influencing your mind and how the double-minded Christian (DMC) and the whole-hearted Christian (WHC) reacts to it.



The Flesh

The Word


Open up for being tempted. Resist the temptation to som degree. Is “sinning on grace”. Lives partly under condemnation. Will never live a victorius Christian life.

Rom. 8:5-8. 1 Cor.3:1.3. Gal 5:17


Do not read the word on a regular basis. Does not “feed” on the word, nor meditate on it. Is like the poor soil in the parable about the sower.

Mat 13:18-22


Crucifies the flesh through walking in new spirit – the new man of the heart.

Gal. 5:24. Rom 6:6-7. Rom 8:13b


Reads the word, meditates on the word and practices the word. His born-again spirit is growing.

Eph 5:26-27. James 1:21. 1.Pet 2:1-3.

The World

The Born-again Spirit


Is influenced by worldliness. A life characterized by worries for the future, carnality, greed and fleshly ambitions.

Mark 4:19. 1.John 2:16


Has no consciusness of the new man of the heart. Lives like any other human being. Does not draw from the resources of the new man.


The world is crucified. Has his/her mind concentrated on God as the source for all blessings. God will take care of the promotion and he/she can meet the future without any fear.

Gal 6:14


He/she develops his spirit and becomes a “spirit – conscious” Christian. The born-again spirit influences the mind in a renewing way.

2.Tim 1:7.


The Holy Spirit


Satan will try to move you into a life characterized by unbelief, fear and an unforgiving attitude.

Mark 4:15. Hebr. 2:15. 2.Cor 2:10


Has no conscious communication with the Holy Spirit.


The devil is conquered. He resist the attacks of the devil through the blood of Jesus and the testimony of their mouth. (“It is written”)

Rev 12:11. James 3:7. Luke 4:4,8,12. Col 2:15


Is operating in the gifts of the Spirit bringing wisdom and knowledge and prophetic information.

1.Cor 12:7-11.

The Subconscious/Past experiences

Other Christians


Experiences from the past are stored in our subconscious mind. It can express itself through unexplainable patterns of behaviour, reactions, fobias, complexes and condemnations even when you are conscious of no sin.


Has a remote and casual relationship with other Christians.


The past has lost it’s negative influence. He/she lets the Word of God perform it’s saving influence in the soul.

1. John 3:20. James 1:21.


Has a close relationship with other Christians and is edified by that relationship.

 The result for the whole-hearted Christian:

Rom 8:6 (life and peace); Phil 4:7; Col 3:15; Is 26:3 (peace)  He/she is completely transformed through the renewal of the mind. Rom 12:1-2.

2.3.     The Renewed Mind – a gift and a process

2.3.1.  2.Tim 1:7

The renewed mind – a gift

2.3.1.  Rom 12:2

The renewed mind – a process

2.3.2.  A renewed mind can think new thoughts.

 Is not limited by old ways of thinking.

1.Cor 2:16; Phil 2:5 


When a bad thought will enter, the peace disappears. If we practice our authority in 2.Cor 10:3-5, the peace will be restored. We decide which thoughts we shall think!!

Phil 4:8; 1.Pet 1:13



Rom 12:2: A renewed mind gives insight into God’s thoughts

3.1.     The requirement for a renewed mind – to be different

Change – metamorphosis = total change like the one that happens when a butterfly develops from a worm.

Rom 12:2.

What characterizes the world? Fear is the driving force in most un-born again people’s lives, and many take the fear with them after they have been saved.

Hebr 2:14-15; 1.John 4:18; Phil 4:6-7

It is impossible to have a renewed mind thinking God’s thoughts if our mind is full of fear.

3.2.     God’s thoughts

3.2.1.  Is 55:7-9

The contrast between the unrighteous persons thoughts and God’s thoughts. The unrighteous shall leave his thoughts and get part in God’s thoughts and ways.

3.2.2.  Hebr 8:10

God’s laws in our mind – the great promise of the new covenant.

3.2.3.  1.Cor 2:9-12+16

We have knowledge about God’s secrets, because we have learnt to think his thoughts.

3.2.4.  God thinks           Thoughts that creates           Thoughts that change the situations           Thoughts of peace, future and hope Eph 4:18
3.2.5.           The thoughts of the un-born-again person

3.2.6 1.Cor 2:16

The mind/thoughts of the born-again person (Phil 4:7). Keep ones thoughts in Jesus Christ.

 3.2.7.  Is 55:7-9

            Turn to the Lord’s thoughts.

3.2.8.  Gen. 50:20

            God thought it for good (2.Sam 14:14)

3.2.9.  1.Cor 13:11

            These are thoughts that are signs of maturity. 

3.2.10. Hebr 11:19

            Abraham was thinking God’s thoughts. 

3.3.     A mind that is thinking God’s thoughts.

3.3.1.  Rom 8:5-6

The mind is the meeting place between the world and God. The thoughts for the flesh and the world spread death. The thoughts from God’s Spirit in your born-again spirit spread life.

3.3.2.  Prov. 3:5

It is God’s thoughts about the situation that matters. Your thoughts have to be put aside.

 3.3.3.  Gen. 18:17ff

           Abraham learnt to know God’s thoughts and influenced on God’s plans.


2.Tim 1:7

Section 4.:            A MIND WITH A SOLID FOUNDATION


In your mind decides what is going to dominate you – the spirit from the inside or the world from the outside. More people have problems with their soul that with their bodies.

4.1.     You can be attacked where you are strongest

1.Cor 3:3

4.1.1.  The Mind – controlled man

Lets his own thoughts and ideas dominate themselves.

4.1.2.  The Will – controlled man

Governed by his own will

4.1.3.  The Emotion – controlled man

Goes up and down according to his emotions. Gal 5:16.

We shall be dominated by our spirit from the inside.

4.2.     A mind with a solid foundation

                   Is 26:3

God wants you to have a mind with a solid foundation. Hold fast on God’s thoughts. Hold fast on the anointing. A mind that does not waver but is steadfast towards the goal. 

4.3.     To rule your mind/spirit

                   Prov 25:28

We can choose what we want to think. We rule our mind. This can be a problem for new converts who come right from the world. Our mind grows stronger and stronger when the Holy Spirit dominates our life.

 4.4.     Throw away the worries – fill your thoughts with that which is good

                   Phil 4:6-8

Be anxious for nothing – an order! You decide what you want to think about, not God. The faith shall dominate your way of thinking.

 Before you think the thoughts, ask yourself:

Is it true? Is it noble? Is it just? Is it pure? Is it lovely? Is it of good report? Is it a virtue? Is it praiseworthy? THEN YOU CAN THINK THE THOUGHT!


Think the thoughts that are worthy one who has the mind of Christ.

Section 5:             THE MARK OF THE RENEWED MIND


Our most important priority: To make disciples. Out most important area of work: The Mind. The most comprehensive job is not to get people saved, but to make disciples of them who have been saved (Rom 12:2).

5.1.     Power, love and a sound mind

                   2.Tim 1:7

5.1.1.   God has, in the new man who is within us, given us the possibility to live a life characterized by power, love and a sound mind.

5.1.2.  By influencing us from the outside, the devil wants to lead us into a live characterized by discouragement, lack of power, criticism, negativism and instability.

Are you living from the inside and out (2.Cor 4:18)? Or are you living from the outside and in. That what you see, hears and read influences you.

 A renewed Christian lives from within and out. Your mind mirrors what is in your spirit.  Your words tell what is in your mind, and your life reflects your thoughts and your words.

Your mind can block or open up for what is in your spirit.

5.2.     Is this your mind?

                   5.2.1.  The critical mind

Always looking for faults. It is normal that everything is bad. Focusing on every tiny detail that can be criticized.

1.Thess 5:21; Math 7:1-5

5.2.2.  The wavering and indecisive mind

Cannot make decisions. Coming after in every thing. Two faces and no backbone.

           Hebr 12:12-13

5.2.3.  The hasty mind

Jumps to the first and the best (Prov 14:23; 19:2). If you take your time to think through the matter, it is often an expression of greater faith than if you act hastily. Listen to your inner man.

Prov 2:2-5+10-11

5.2.4.  The split mind

Has 100 things going on at the same time. Engages himself in everything.

Prov 24:27

5.3.     When the renewed mind is thinking:

           The old one                            Joshua 13:1

           The young one            1.Tim 4:12

           The weak                               Is 40:29-31

           The strong                              Ex 15:2

           The sick                                 Is 53:3-4

           The healthy                            Rom 8:11

           The new-saved                      Eph 1:2

           The experienced Christian      Is 43:18-19


       Joshua 14:6-7

  Written & taken by permission of  Dr. Leif  S. Jacobsen  ,


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