The Authority of the Believer

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 1.         The authority of the Believer

God has in Jesus Christ given his church all spiritual blessing, the most precious promises and spiritual authority.

            1.1       We need to see what God has given us

                       Paul prays that the believers must see what God has given them.

                       Eph 1:15-17; Eph 3:14-17.

                       In order to see this, we must read the Word and receive it in our mind and in our inner man.

                       God has given us all that pertains to life and fear of God by the KNOWLEDGE about him. 2.Pet 1:3.

            1.2       All authority in heaven  and earth is given to Jesus

           Math 28:18-20; Col 1:15-18.

            1.3       We as church are raised up together with him and have got part in his authority

           All spiritual authority.                Eph 1:3.

           Seated  with him in heavenly places.     Eph 2:4-7.

           Everything is under our feet.                 Eph 1:20-23.

           We are the Body of Christ.                  1.Cor 12:12-14+27.

            1.4       What is authority?

           Authority is delegated power.

           In Greek:         power                          dynamis

                                               authority                       exousia.

                       We have delegated authority. Delegated authority implies that we don’t have this authority in our self, but that it is given to us by another. We therefore don’t stand forth on our own behalf, but on behalf of another.

                       E.g. the traffic police that direct the traffic have authority because he represents those who stand behind him – the government.

            1.5       How the authority of the believer operates

                       We are involved in a battle, and should be strong in the Lord.

                       Eph 6:10-17.

                       We have authority over all the power of the enemy.

                       Luke 10:19; 1.Pet 5:8-9; James 4:7, Eph 4:27.

                       Behind the authority of the believer is a greater force than what is behind our enemy.

                       1.John 4:4; Rom 5:17.

            1.6       The authority of rebellious principalities

                       The enemy has a certain power, but actually he is disarmed and conquered.

                       James 4:7; Col 2:15.

            1.7       What we don’t have authority over

                       We don’t have authority over other people’s will.


            Acts 20:28; Hebr 13:17.

God has commissioned pastors to guard the church, and tells the church to obey them. This implies a relationship based on authority.

            2.1       Two kinds of authority

                       2.1.1    The self-established authority.

Founded on human power. Has to be secured through human arrangements. Dictatorship, ruling, self-upheaval, strong men and strong wills.

           2.1.2    Spiritual authority.

Founded on divine anointing, calling and separation. Characterized by serving, sacrifice, humility and suffering for others. Secured because God defends it.

• The first authority is human and leads to fight and strife.

• The other authority is from God, and gives unity, peace and growth.

            2.2       The problem to subordinate oneself

                       2.2.1    The world is characterized by lack of ethical standards, lawlessness, rebellion against authorities, equality and suppression because the natural man:

           • Cannot subordinate himself under authority

           • Want to rule

                       2.2.2    Many Christians cannot subordinate themselves because they cannot see the difference between the two kinds of authority. Therefore democracy is the governing principle in many churches.

           2.2.3    You have to make Jesus your Lord, before you can be able to subordinate yourself.

            2.3       The big secret of Spiritual Authority

           2.3.1    We do not subordinate ourselves people, but under the anointing God has put on that person.

           2.3.2    We have to be under somebody in order to have authority ourselves.

                       Math 8,5-10. The officer was under superiors, therefore he had authority.

                       Jesus was under authority – therefore he had authority. When he fully had done the Father’s will, he could say: “To me is given all power.”

           2.3.3    God works through chains of authority:

  God has all authority.

                       Rom 13,1 (“all authority has its root in God”)

  He delegates authority to those he calls into ministry.

               He who subordinates himself under authority gets part in the authority’s influence, covering and blessing.

                                    2.Cor 5,20; Luke 10,16; Jer 35,1-2; 5-10; 18-19

            2.4       Authorities instituted by God

                       2.4.1    In the world.

                                   Rom 13,1-7; 1.Pet 2,13-14.

                       2.4.2    In the family.

                                   Eph 5,22-24; 6,1-6.

           2.4.3    In the Church.

                       1.Thess 5,12-13; Acts 20,28; Hebr 13,7.

            2.5       How the authority against the authority is made visible

                                    2.5.1    Through our words. Jud 8-10; James 3,2-8; Eph 5,6; Math 12,34.

                                                Everybody who are characterized by rebellion, have problems controlling their mouth. E.g. Cam, the son of Noah Gen. 9, 21-27. Miriam and Aaron: Numbers 12, 1-2. Slander in the Church is like leprosy.

                                                Criticism and slander is rebellion disguised as truth.

           2.5.2    Through our reasoning: Rom 9, 11-21. The tree to knowledge about good and evil led man into slavery under his reasoning. Eph 2, 3. Reason is a life principle making it difficult for us to subordinate.

If you discuss with God, you have no God any longer. Discussion and worship cannot be combined.

            2.6       Spiritual Authority – something good

           2.6.1    Creates good order in the Church.

                                   Col 2, 5

                       2.6.2    Somebody watches over you.

                                   Hebr 13, 17

                       2.6.3    Somebody will help you to grow and bear fruit.

                                   1.Cor 3, 9

           2.6.4    When you are under authority, you get authority.

                                   Math 8,9

           2.6.5    When the obedience is complete, we can use our weapon of warfare with full effect.

                                   2.Cor 10,3-5

            2.7       Obedience towards the will of God – the Bibles’ most important demand

           1.Sam 15,1-22.

           2.7.1    Qualifications to lead (v.17).

           2.7.2    Obedience – the most important (v.22).

                                   The rebellion against authority is visible through:

                                   – our thoughts about the situation (v.21).

           – that we fear men more that God (v.24).

            2.8       Obedience – the principle of the Son

           2.8.1    David (1.Sam 24,4-7; 26,9-11).

                       2.8.2    Jesus (John 5,19+30; Hebr 5,8).

                       2.8.3    Paul (Acts 22,10).

                                   Satan’s principle is rebellion.

                       2.8.4    The obedience of faith – the purpose for the apostle’s ministry (Rom 1,5).


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