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“Things To Come”

Jesus Will Return!

The Bible says it clearly

Acts. 1:10-11

NT: 318 times

The whole Bible: 1045 times

All evangelical christians say it

All agree that Jesus will return

Different views on when and how

An Important Question

How to interpret the Bible?

2. Tim. 2,15. 2. Tim 3,16. 2. Pet.1,20 – 21. Psalm 119,160.

The allegorical interpretation.

The literal interpretation.

Another Important Question

God’s plan with Israel and God’s plan with the church

Acts. 15,14-16

Rom 11,1-2. 25-28

God’s covenant with Israel Rom.9,4

The Abrahamic covenant. Genesis 13,14-17

The Eretz covenant Deut.30,1-10

The Davidic covenant 2.Sam.7,12-16. Jer 33,17-21

Historical Perspective

Different views

The non – literal view

Deny the bodily return of Jesus Christ

Jesus returned on the day of Pentecost

He continues to return through everything that happens in the church

This view implies a denial of what the Bible says

Historical Perspective

Return after the Millennium (postmillenism)

Jesus will return after the Millennium

A view that became popular after the 17th century

We – not Jesus will establish the millennium by proclaiming his kingdom on earth

The Bible says clearly that the Kingdom will be established after the King has returned

Historical Perspective

No literal millennium (amillenism)

The church is the fullfillment of the prophecies about the millennium

We are living in the millennium/kingdom now

The millennium and The Kingdom of God is the same thing

Satan was bound when Jesus came the first time

The Lutheran and Catholic view

The Bible speaks clearly about a kingdom for Israel

Historical Perspective

Return before the Millennium (premillenism)

Jesus will return and establish a peace kingdom that will last for 1000 years

King Jesus shall reign with Jerusalem as the world capital

In this kingdom all the prophecies about the kingdom will be fullfilled

The common view in revival times in the church

Interprets the Bible literally

The Book of Daniel – Israel

The end times starts whith Israel’s Babylonian exile 605 BC and ends when Messias comes to establish the Millennium.

Times of the heathens:

Chap.2 – The great image.

Chap.7 – The five beasts.

The 70 year – weeks:

Chap.9 – The captivity.

The Millennium:7:13 – 14 – A kingdom of pease for Israel- CHRIST’S SECOND ADVENT Zech.14:1 – 4.

The Book of Revelation

Seven letters to seven churches. Chap 2-3.

Ephesus: desirable. – Smyrna: myrrh. – Pergamos: marriage, elevation – Thyatira: continual sacrifice – Sardes: remnant. – Philadelphia: brotherly love. – Laodicea: the rights of the people.

The rapture Chap. 4.

The Seven Seals. Chap. 5 – 8.

The Seven Trumpets. Chap 8 – 11.

Chapter 12 – 22. (The Bowls of Wrath 16).

The dispensation of Grace – The Church Age

Gal.4:4, Math.28:18 The Gospel to the ends of the world.

The end and a new beginning – The judgement Rev..20:11- 15.

A new heaven and a new earth Rev..21:1 – 5. 2.Pet.3:11 – 13.

All the prophecies in the Bible are fullfilled in due time.!

THE SIGNS OF THE TIMES – Among the People

Math.16:2 – 3, 24:3 – 14. The signs of the times shall be discerned.

Signs among the people.

Superpowers in the political world.

Gog, Ezekiel.38 og 39. The war of Gog.

Daniel’s fourth kingdom, Daniel.7:23 – 26.

The kings from the east, Rev.16:12 – 16.


The world trade.

1800: Development horisontally. (Small industry).

1900: Development vertically. From rawmaterial to products ready for sale. Big companies. Controlling the detail trade. Rev.13:17 International trade.

Modern war techinques.

Exterminative weapons, Is.13:12. Peace movements, 1.Thess.5:2 – 3.

THE SIGNS OF THE TIMES – War, Sufferings, Persecutions

Huge armies, Rev.9:16, 200 millions.

Hunger Rev. 24:7.

Moral decay, 2.Tim.3:1 – 4.

Religious signs.

False prophets, Math.24: 11, 2.Pet.2:12.

Persecutions agains the believers, Math.24:9.

THE SIGNS OF THE TIMES – Evangelization

Signs in nature.

Earthquakes, Math.24:7, an increasing in recent times.

Signs in sun, moon and stars, Math.24:29.


Math.24:14. Modern massmedia, Rev.14:6.

Lukewarmness, Math.25:5, Luke.18:8, the faithful are awake, Luke.12:37 The midnight cry, Math.25:6.

The Rapture

1.Thess.4:15 – 18. 2.Thess.2:7. When: Soon Who: Those who belong to Christ.

The church as a conserving factor.

Light and salt in the world, hinders decay, shows what is right and wrong, Eph.5:8 – 11.

Holds back lawlessness. Hinders Antichrist to come.

The Rapture – Victory

The Rapture of the Bride.

Two resurrections: 1.Cor.15:22 – 24., John.5:26 – 29., Rev.20:4 – 6., Luke.14:14.

The rapture: 1.Thess.4:16- 18., 1.Cor.15:51.

We are pulled away – harpazo – pull quickly, remove with power, hastily.

We are pulled up – be united with the head, Eph.5:27, John.14:2 – 3. be united with eachother.

We are changed – Phil.3:21. Triumph – in the headquarter of the prince of the power of the air.

Blessed hope! Tit.2: 13.

The Resurrection Body

1.Cor.15:35 – 54.

The necessity.

Without body, the man is naked, 2.Cor.5:3.

God created us as a totality – The recurrection of the body, not only the immortality of the soul.

Only in this way ”death is swallowed up in victory 2.Cor.15:54.

The reality.

Rom.8:23. The ressurection body of Jesus. Could be seen and toughed, OBS Luke.24:39. He was no spirit! 1.Cor.15:49, 1.John.3:2.

Where Are the Dead?

The likeness.

1.Cor.15:37 – 38. Knew Jesus, Abraham, Isac, Jacob.

Unlike because of the glory.

Where are the dead?

The new body belongs to the resurrection. The Bible does not say much. We shall wait for Jesus, not be accupied with death.

The believing dead – Luke.23:43, Phil.1:23, Act.7:59, Luke.16:22.

The unsaved dead – Luke.16:22 – 24.

The judgement Seat of Christ

When, 1.Cor.1:8, Phil.2:16 ”Christ’s day”

The judge, 2.Tim.4:8, Christ himself

Who, 2.Cor.5:10 ”We all”

The seriousness 1.Cor.3:13. Fire

The standard, 1.Cor.4:1 – 5, Faithfulness

The judgement Seat of Christ

Salvation depends upon faith.

Reward depends upon fathfulness.

The result, 1.Cor.3:14 – 15. Reward or loss of reward.

The goal, 1.Pet.5:4, the glory.

Two parabels in 25:

The wedding maids – Watch!

The talents – Work!

Before, Under or After

Rapture after the tribulation?

Places the church in a time that is called ”the tribulation of Jacob”, Jer.30:7.

Does not discern between the Church and Israel.

The purpose of the period. Judge sin.

Mix the rapture and the second coming of Christ.

A denial of Daniel 9.24 – 27. Titus.2:13 (Jacob.5:8 – 9.) Rev.3:10 (22:17 – 22).

Rapture – Second coming

Alle troende skal hentes

The holly in the air

Christ comes for the bride

Tribulations follow

Like a lightning

Message of consolation

The Church

A secret

The Church judged

The earth unchaged

The heathen unchanged

Before the day of wrath

Phil.4:5, The Lord is near

The Son is revealed

Jesus returns

Christ comes with the bride

The Kingdom established

After signs

Message of judgement


Predicted in OT

Israel and heathens judged

The earth changed

The heathen judged

After the day of wrath

Math.24:14, kingdom is near

A Satanic Three – Unity

Rev.13:1 – 9.


Anti-God, Rev.12:9, 13: 1 – 2,4.

Anti-Son, Rev.11:7, 2.Thess.2:8 – 9,11, Rev.13:5,3.

Anti-Spirit, Rev.13:11 – 18.

The Deceiver

His personality and work, 2.Thess.2:3-10. Rev.13:1-10, 17:8-14. Ezek.28:1-10, 11:36-45.

Already at work, 1.John.2:18,22, 4:13 Dan.7:7-8, 20-26, 8:23-25, 9:26-27.

Antichrist will come as a benefactor, give peace without God!


His name

Antichrist – only in John’s writings 5 times with 3 meanings

Paul – 2.Thess.2:3,8

Man of sin – The lawless onw – He who resists

Revelation – The beast

Daniel The litle horn

Antichrist’s System

His personality.

A person and a system. A jew or a heathen? (Jer.8:16. Rev.7:5-8).

His power.

Political/economical, Rev.13:4,8, 16-17.

Religious, 2.Thess.2:4. Renounces that God became man. No man shall become God. Becomes men’s messiah.

The Great Tribulation

Dan.12:1, Math.24:21, 29. Rev.7:14. Jer.30:7. Mainly against Israel. The Mackkabees. Atiocus Epiphanes.

At the end of Israel’s history (Dan.8:23.).

When The Day of the Lord has started (2.Thess.2:2.).

The False Prophet:

Rev.13:11-17. 19:20. 20:10. 16:13.

A Jew – from the land (Rew.13:11.)I.

Influences religious matters (Rev.13:11.).

Motivated by satan (Rev.13:11.) – Have delegated power (Rew.13:12.).

Causes the first beast to be worshipped (Rev.13:12.).

Performes signs and wonders (Rev.13:13-14.) deceives an unbelieving world (Rev.17:14.).

Power to take lives – Power over economics (Rev.13:15-17).

A sign for his identity (Rev.13:18.).

Israel and the Prophecies 1

Gen.12:1-3. Our attitude towards Israel is important. Zech.2:12. From Egypt – The 10 commandments. From Babylon – The Saviour. From the whole world – Messiah.

God’s plan with the church and God’s plan with Israel.

Must not be mixed!

Rom.11:1-5. Israel is not rejected for ever.

Israel and the Prophecies 2

v.11-12, 5, 25-29: The rejection of Israel gave the Gospel to the heathens. When they receive, it will be a greater blessing for the world. The fathers.

The church: Heavenly blessings, a heavenly homeland.

Israel: Earthly blessings, an earthly homeland.

Finally: One people. God all in all, Rev.21:3.

The prophecies should be interpreted litterally, unless it is evident that they are figurative.

Israel and the Prophecies 4

Prophecies about Israel in the future.

Jerusalem – the cup of drunkenness. Zech.12:2-3. What is happening today in the middle east. The great tribulation. Dan.7:24-25., 12:1.

Armageddon, Rev.16:12-16.

The King comes, Zech.14:1-5.

Messiah, Zech.12:10., Is.53.

The Day of Atonement, Zech.12:11-14., 13:1.

The cleansing of Israel, Zech.13:8-9., Hos.2:19-23.

Saved in one day. A holy nation.

The solution for the midle east crisis, Is.19:24-25.

The Peace Kingdom

The people.

Is.2:2-5. The world capital.

Zech.8: 13,23. The people of blessing.

The country, Is.41: 18-20.

The king, Psalm.72:1-8ff.

Is.40:1-2. Our responsibility. We bless Israel, God’s own people.

 Written & taken by permission of  Dr. Leif  S. Jacobsen  ,


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