القائمة إغلاق

My testimony of the infilling of the Holy Spirit


My background:

I have been born in a Christian family & I knew Jesus as my personal Savior when I was 13 years old.

 My family was attending an anticharismatic church (I don’t mean here as an anticharismatic cult but against anti the anointing), this church were speaking about the Holy Spirit, but when they see any movement of Him they begin to reject Him by all of the power they have.

They taught a wrong teaching, as God is a sickness giver…, tongues are not present, others said it’s present but it’s not important to speak with tongues.

My life before the Infilling of the precious Holy Spirit :

I was so serious to know God intimately but with such atmosphere of wrong teaching, you can’t know Him, but you will know another one whose name is Jesus too, as the apostle Paul said “…another Jesus….

  I was serving God fervently my heart was melting on souls & because of this fervency I was counting the souls that I preached to them about Jesus, they were about 97 persons (Before the Infilling of the Holy Spirit), I was working by personal evangelism, from them only 17-20 accepted the call and most of them who accepted left the Christian life.

My relationship with God was so weak.

I lived a bad depressed life. Not because of my family but because I didn’t find the satisfaction that my inner man was wanting.

I read the New Testament 6 times & the Old Testament 4 times. Praying daily, weeping before God to know Him more, to be effective in ministry & to deliver me from the sin bondages.
God  is not responding to TEARS & CRYING but to FAITH. So there’s no need to cry for Him to answer me, but I did as they taught me… wrong teachings which didn’t bring results but worsened the state.

I asked many ministers & pastors about my spiritual depression seeking to find a solution, and by my heart I lived what they said to me, but no results .

My deep hunger was still unsatisfied.

Because I lived a long time in this cycle, I began to suffer from depression. I was crying till the Lacrimal glands (Tear glands) were in pain, for crying was my lifestyle,

a thick deep failure was covering my heart.

I seriously decided to commit suicide about 2 times, the Lord rescued me from that,
the precious Holy Spirit was giving me hope inside me, but the wrong teaching choked Him (The wrong teaching that made me expect nothing from God was that “God sometimes teach you something from sickness & disease” How a dangerous teaching!!! It made me angry from God & blaming God that He differentiates between people, I found that was wrong after that & He is a GOOD God).

The Holy Spirit was giving me hope & saying, “you will be used effectively & I need you” .Because of failure I ignored His voice.

From the things that helped me was that a well known pastor prophesized on me, while I was in my Mother’s womb, that I’ll be a man of God. This encouraged me too much.

 I won’t forget this specific prayer that I’m living its answer now:

“Father, I don’t like to be an ineffective minister like those who I sat with to take their counsel & they didn’t give me any right truth, they gave me advices but not the Truth, I know they did their best.
But Father, I know your word is a practical word, even I didn’t taste its goodness till now, but I believe You never ask an impossible thing from us.

I refuse to be copy of those ministers for they made me in more failure,
change me to be the minister that You want not the people want or like, but like what You want.
I don’t like to see the people who are suffering from that teaching that lacks of the wanted results.”

I didn’t know that the answer was the Infilling of the Holy Spirit & knowing the right teachings concerning healing,…. etc. .

In this period I was diligent seeker, I decided to not surrender.

I read about 100 – 150 Christian book, my head was so full from knowledge, but not THE TRUTH,  for if it was the Truth it was going to set me free (Produce the wanted Results that I searched for).

The infilling of the Holy Spirit :

On June 2000, I met a man of God called Apostle Stanley Ndovie from Malawi, in a conference belong to my church.

When I saw him, I felt in my spirit that he has the solution of my case & he knows the practical answers for my questions. He is different from all of the ministers that I met.

  I sat with him & after I told him about my story of failure, I wept & I was amazed that he began to cry with me, he felt the sour pain that I was in, and when he began to answer, he taught about something that I didn’t hear about in my church it was ” the Infilling of the Holy Spirit . He said,  ” this is your solution Ramez, to be filled with the Spirit “

 All of that was secretly because of our church leaders in the conference prevented him to speak about any charismatic (Anointing) teaching.

He didn’t pray directly for me to be filled in the Holy Spirit, but before that he prayed for me and spoke words of knowledge that no one knows about me, he said things that were the cure for my depression disease, He said the Lord is saying to you Ramez ” Don’t say about yourself that you are not useful you are useful my son…..”

I wept under his hands.
No one knows those words, this was my lifestyle to say that about myself, so it was a shock for me. And it was a PERMANENT solution for my depression.

This is the true work of the Holy Spirit He  always bring results.

Also he said words of Wisdom (Prophetic words for future) about my life that I’m living its exact fulfillment now.

All of those words of Knowledge & Wisdom, were sufficient to destroy the thick failure around my life, the failure was destroyed by few words but those words carrying a so condensed & thick anointing
that can be felt in the room, it was a charged room.

All of that prepared me receive the Infilling of the Holy Spirit,
when he prayed for me to be filled in the Spirit, I didn’t feel any physical thing, but I found a release inside me.
Something was so smooth like the velvet touch sensation which began to increase gradually minute after minute till it overwhelmed me in a gentle way. I didn’t pray with tongues instantly not because it didn’t come but it was in me but I’m the one who must open his mouth & speak not to wait for someone to move my tongues, the Holy Spirit doesn’t speak with tongues, but he give you the language to speak it as in Acts 2 they (not the Spirit) spoke with tongues, the lack of teaching was the hindrance to open my mouth to speak, but the tongues was in me.

The Apostle Stanley didn’t find time to teach me about that for he was praying for me secretly & quickly.
But after that I found that I’m the one who shall speak by faith that those words are from God, and waiting for the Spirit to move my tongue is not right. So I began to open my mouth by faith that it’s from God not from me & not from the devilm for the Bible didn’t warn us from that but the Bible said in Luke 11:11 that if you asked something from God you’ll receive it exactly not another thing, so I wanted to speak with tongues & I’ll not speak with tongues, nothing else.

Because this prayer was so secret in his personal room, so he was so quick to finish it, but he said those words before I leave him which are still ringing inside me, he said : ” Ramez when you return to your home speak with tongues….” . He repeated that 3 times & I left him.

After I left his room, I was like the drunk in the Spirit, so I sat down to write down the prophecy.

I returned to my city with noticeable change that my family & my friends saw in me.

I began to pray for hours without feeling that it’s duty.

When I preached to the sinners just with a few words I found that they cry & receive Jesus without exerting any effort to convince them to receive Jesus. I just speak & watch the Spirit moving, I spoke with about 30 person in the period of June – September 2000, 29 person out of the 30 accepted Jesus as their personal savior that was amazing.

After the Infilling of the Spirit, I found that the gifts of prophecy & word of knowledge began to appear in my ministry, the gift of prophecy in 1Cor. 12 isn’t foretelling but Building the believers, while the ministry of Prophet Eph. 4 is foretelling.

I began to find  fire & fervency inside me to build the believers more than sinners. You’ll know what the Lord is planning for you when you are filled with the Spirit, many things will be clear.

The Infilling is the beginning of knowing God in the right way:

 After that I suffered with the wrong teaching that was in my church, they said to me the Bible says, ” the Bible says in 1 Cor. 13,  when the perfect will come the tongues will be ceased and the Bible is the perfect, and it’s now with us, so tongues are ceased”.

And because I was ignorant of the word, I said to myself , “Okay, tongues are ceased & I’ll put the Bible above anybody even above Rev. Apostle Stanley. I’ll stop tongues because it’s not biblical to speak with tongues.”
N.B.: Certainly, I was wrong to decide this decision but notice I ‘m respecting the Bible over the persons. And that will help me to know the right from wrong teaching by myself.

After that decision I found the anointing decreasing gradually till I was going to loose everything that the Lord has done with me.

So I remembered the words of the Apostle Stanley “Ramez when you return to your home speak with tongues”.

I remembered also the words knowledge that he said to me that no one knows about it on this earth. This was the proof for me that he is man of God. It was like a sign & wonder for me, that made me stay believing on this teaching even when I was ignorant of word of God.

So I said to myself, ” surely I don’t know the right explanation for 1Cor. 13 & I’ll search for it by myself no one will help me here, so I’ll not ask any one more, and I’ll speak with tongues till I finalize its real meaning, for I don’t like to loose what the Lord has done with me & return again to failure. I’ll do like the Apostle’s instructions to speak with tongues.”

After that decision I opened my mouth again by faith and began to speak words by faith that it’s from God, as result the anointing began to increase again like the day of the Infilling of the Spirit.

Tongues is a way to stir up what is in inside you – the Spirit of God.

I was following my inward being not my head, not the people’s teachings. And this is the way of success. Follow your human spirit and you’ll never loose.

In my place when a wrong teaching is prevailing, I have had to follow the anointing that’s inside, to tell me the Truth. And He did that, and still doing.

When I kept praying with tongues an hour or two daily,
I discovered the right interpretation of 1 Cor. 13 in the Greek is te,leioj teleios {tel’-i-os} which means:  the end of age, full & mature fruit ready for being taken.
That means when the believers will be perfect in heaven, there will be no need for tongues.

So we are in more need for it now, for the same scripture 1 Cor. 13 it says that with it(Tongues) & other gifts we see a fracture of God like a reflected image on a mirror, so when we don’t have this mirror (the gifts) we don’t see God at all.

Also there’s a difference between the Gift of speaking with tongues in 1 Cor. 12 which is not for all believers, and the Speaking with tongues in 1 Cor. 14 which is a language for prayer, given to all believers when they are filled in the Holy Spirit.

Also I discovered that it’s for ALL not for some said to me. In verse 5 in 1 Cor. 14, I want all of you to speak with tongues,

And also I discovered that the 120 in Acts 2 spoke with tongues, not 100 of them not 80 of them, and the 12 in Acts 19 spoke with tongues not 9 of them, so tongues are for all believers. 

When I discovered all of that, I became strong on my ground.

And I increased on praying with tongues & praying Ephesians 1:17 – 23 for myself, (to receive illumination & my spiritual eyes to be opened to understand His word), I was imitating Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin who prayed this prayer 1000 times, I prayed it daily for about 10 or 11 months.

 I still reap the results of this prayer till this day. I encourage everybody to pray it to know what’s ours in Jesus the Anointed One.

Also I discovered that there’s personal interpretation of tongues, which is not always in the form of instant interpretations, but it can come in the form of revelations of the right meaning of the scriptures,
or it can come in the form of a wisdom to solve certain problem with a divine wisdom, interpretation of tongues may come after hours or days after praying in the Spirit (with tongues) not instantly like the church.

 The apostle Paul said that he prays with tongues more than the Corinthians and as the Amplified Bible Says, ” I pray with tongues more than all of you PUT TOGETHER”,

and he was writing under the anointing, so he wasn’t exaggerating on that,
also he wasn’t exaggerating when he used the unit of 10,000 words in a strange tongues,this is his personal prayer life.

If he was praying with tongues in this abundance this means how important it’s. And I like to imitate this powerful anointed man of God. So I pray with tongues not only an hour or to daily but I developed a habit of praying always in the Spirit even after leaving my room.

As result of that, I discovered what’s mine in the matter of healing, and I received healing for my body from a bad sickness.

When I found that the Infilling of the Holy Spirit is the solution for me, I began to help others by this solution specially the youth & my friends.

  I prayed for many to be filled in the Spirit by putting, their lives began to change to not become like before again,

the sin bondage is destroyed,

people are healed,

their ministry changed,

believers are built & with that experience I taught them the word of God.
Plus tongues, some fell under the power of God, others laughed in the Spirit. No one taught me that but I saw it in the Bible.

I joined RHEMA Correspondence Bible SchoolRCBS (Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin) which helped me to understand more of what’s mine in Jesus. I finished its diploma on October 2005. Joining RCBS was a result of praying with tongues.

After my family saw the change in my life, they asked me about it. I shared that with them. Today, all of them are filled in the Spirit & speaking with tongues.

Although I was used inside my Church secretly I was praying for many people to be filled in the Spirit, the Lord began to lead me to leave my church & to go to minister out of their cover, and he led me to buy this site : www.lifechangingtruth.org . That is reaching many around the world, the idea to buy it came to me while I was praying in the Spirit.

After leaving my church by 6 months, they decided & declared to dismiss me because they disagreed about my teaching “that God wants to heal everybody & He never gives sickness to anybody.” I was careful to not make any partitions between them so I didn’t share any teaching publicly but personally with whom wants because I loved & respected my leaders even those who aggressively opposed me.

Before being filled I wasn’t submissive to my leaders.

The Holy Spirit will teach you how to be submissive to the leaders & how to love people.He will take with your hands to teach you the Christian life, to be Christ-Like.

 After I shared with you my story, I encourage you to seek the Infilling of the Spirit of God.
I’m telling you, your life won’t be the same like before. But it’ll be the same like Jesus.

After you experience it, you’ll discover WHY Jesus cried in a loud voice in John 7:37, if you are thirsty come & drink, & He was speaking about the infilling of the Spirit for who believe in Him.

He cried due to the importance of this experience.

In the book of Acts you’ll find that the Apostles were preaching to the unbelievers about Jesus as healer & deliverer.

And to the believers, they preached about the Holy Spirit to be filled with His Holy presence.

Whatever you see or don’t see believers around you taking care of this experience, go to your Bible & don’t measure the Bible on people but measure the people on the Bible, you’ll know that who oppose this experience aren’t entertaining what’s theirs in Jesus.

If you are already filled in the Holy Spirit, keep drinking from the Spirit.

The Infilling is the first infilling, & you must refill yourself daily by stirring Who is in you by: speaking with tongues daily & by studying, hearing & practicing a healthy teaching from the Word of God daily.

Dr.Ramez Refaat K. Ghabbour


  1. livers shilenga

    thanks for you testimony…it
    thanks for you testimony…it really opened my eyes. stay blessed

  2. Carrie John

    Thank you Dr. Ghabbour for
    Thank you Dr. Ghabbour for your powerful testimony. I’ve been filled with the spirit since I was a child …I’m now 47. But for many years I also was in a church that spoke against the Gifts of the spirit and actually had a woman removed because she was speaking in the spirit.

    I’m now at a spirit filled church that encourages both the presence and the Gifts of the Spirit. I had emergency brain surgery … And couldn’t walk / stand for 1 year . I was instantly healed in this church. Praise God !!!! No more walker..
    I have recently realized the power and importance of speaking in tongues. Your testimony has just confirmed that for me. I pray that God will continue to bless you greatly. I will begin to pray in tongues for an hour a day. Bless you bless you !!
    I love this website. I live in Canada. God Rocks! I also am realizing HOW much he loves me. ..

  3. Jennifer Anne Beatty

    Your talk helped.. I have
    Your talk helped.. I have been desperate but sshould just have faaith that God will fill me with the Holy Spirit. I used to have much more now almost nothing and plagued. 0Blessings

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