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Some important guidelines for discipleship training


Learn, receive, hear and do. Phil. 4,9

Follower of a model. Phil. 3,17

Follow one who follows Christ. 1.Cor.11,1

A model for the believers. 1.Tim. 4,12


The disciple towards the one who is discipling. 1.Cor.4,15

Has to be a relation based upon the guidance of God.

Has to be subordinated this God-given authority.

The subordination shows itself in obedience.

Has to be open in all areas of life.

Has to be honest in all phases during the spiritual development.

Has to be available at all times. (Faithfulness)

The one who is discipling towards the disciple

Has to be a relation based upon the guidance of God.

Responsible for setting up guidelines to lead the disciple towards spiritual maturity.

Plan for Bible study

Plan for Bible study with teaching from the discipler

Structure in the prayer life

Suggestions for books and other material.

Seta side regular times for conversation – at least one time a week.

Set aside special occasions when the disciple can meet the discipler in the discipler’s home – demonstrate the Christian life.

Structure parts of the time you have together where you can discuss material that produces spiritual maturity..

Share your insight in God’s Word.

Help him/her to apply spiritual truths in life.

Be available at all times.

Trust the Holy Spirit

Gives you the insight you need.

Gives you the guidance you need.

Changes lives!

Help him/her with major decisions, but encourage them to take their own. This will lead to growth.

Preserve the vertical dimension (towards God).


Necessary qualifications for a discipler – 1

Be an example Tim 4, 12. Phil 3, 17. 1. Pet 5,3. Eph 4, 20-21. 2.Tim 3, 10-11

Christian maturity – 1.Tim.3. Titus 1.

Christian stability – faithfulness, security, perseverance.

A life that is reflecting the Character of Christ. 1. Pet 2,9. Gal.5,22

An example in: words, conversation, love, spirit, faith, purity


You av to be under authority yourself – a rebel gives birth to rebels. One can only transfer the authority you are under yourself.

Math. 8,5-13. Rom.13. 1.Thess. 5,12-13

The example of Jesus. Phil.2, 5-15.

He never forced anyone.

Under authority in the home, the church, work and in the society.

Should be natural for a Christian. We have learned His ways and we trust Him. Math 27, 43. John5, 19, 30. John.8, 28-29.

We receive authority:

To speak on His behalf. Luke10,16

To act on His behalf.

Necessary qualifications for a discipler – 2

Must have the kind of love that Jesus had for the flock.

They are His disciples. 1. Pet.5, 3-4. Acts 20, 28.

He entrusts them to you in order for you to help them mature.

They must never be regarded as pieces you can use, as slaves or as dummies.

We are responsible towards God for each disciple.

Hebr. 13, 17. John 17, 9-12, 6, 17, 19, 24, 26.

The qualities of love. 1. Cor 13, 4-7.

Problem areas

A disciple can be dependant upon the discipler.

Like a little child asking you to make all the decisions for him.

The discipler becomes dominant and turns the disciple into a robot.

The relationship is meant to lead to spiritual and mental maturity for the disciple.

Have the objective for the discipling work clear at all times.

 Written & taken by permission of  Dr. Leif  S. Jacobsen  ,


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