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Prophecy on January 31, 1985

This prophecy has been given by Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin at the Winter Bible Seminar on January 31, 1985:

We’re coming into a place, oh yes you’ve walked in the realm of God.
And there’s been a manifestation here.
And a manifestation there of My power.
And My Spirit and My gifts.
And you’ve rejoiced in it and been glad of it and said,
‘Isn’t that wonderful what the Lord has done?’

Not realizing that if YOU would desire and covet and pray.
Not that He would use you for that would be selfish.
But that He will manifest Himself in the Body of believers where you worship.
And if you’ll believe and surely He will manifest Himself.

And you’re coming into a place where these things will not just be a happening –
that happen once in a great while.
But it’ll be very commonplace.
It’ll happen everyday, every week, every month.
The miraculous, the supernatural will be as real to you
As the very air you breathe.

Because you see that is the realm and the place where you should function.
For you are supernatural children born of a supernatural God.
With a supernatural birth filled with a supernatural Spirit.
And that supernatural Spirit will manifest Himself in a supernatural way.

Expect the supernatural.
Be glad and rejoice.
And be very humble and do not attract attention unto yourself.
And ye shall see the glory of God with you.

(Taken by permission from RHEMA Bible Church , aka Kenneth Hagin Ministries , Tulsa , OK , USA. )


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