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How do you Distinguish between the Right & Wrong Teaching ?

Today there are a lot of believers Hungry : to see the results in their lives and prayers.
And there are some who are jealous to see the results of their ministry to be as stated in the Book of Acts, not less than that.
Others want to take their full inheritance in Christ but they want to know how.

Also there’re others Asking :  Is God interested in my life on Earth, such as my health, money, protection and my freedom  Or  He’s just interested in going to Heaven ?
Does God still heal?
Is God a practical solver to my problems?
Does the Holy Spirit gifts are ended ?
Is the “Promised Land” a life here on Earth or in heaven?
How do I hear the voice of God in a practical way?

Also there are many Amazed: Is the sacrifice made by Jesus Christ was only limited to solve the problem of sin to go the Heaven , OR  when He solved the problem of sin He also solved the problms caused by sin like curses (such as : death and disease and poverty …. Deut. 28 ) !!!!
Is not He a Living God & loves me, then why some say that He gives the problems !!!

Undoubtedly the word of God answers ALL your questions. But because everyone uses the word of God, so many believers did not know and began to wonder :
How to draw a distinction between the right from wrong teaching , since everyone uses the Bible to prove his own teaching ????
The answer is found in John 8: 32 , and you will know the truth and the truth will set you free … In other words, if the teaching is not accompanied by the wanted results (after you lived it by your heart)  then this teeaching is not the TRUTH despite the fact that the Bible was used.

Despite there’re many and various explanations for the Word of God , But undoubtedly the intent of God is ONE teaching & ONE interpretation .

Therefore, what you shall do to find THE interpretation that was (and still is intended) in the scriptures  ,  is as follows :

1. Ask for the help of the Holy Spirit  : Pray for yourself as Paul prayed Eph.1:17 : Father, I ask You in Jesus Name , to give me the spirit wisdom and revelation to know You know more , illuminate my spiritual eyes to know:  the hope that You called me to enter in ralationship with You and expected me to take it ,
also to know what is the glorious & rich inheritance that You gave to me & is in me,
also to know how much Your great & unmeasureable ability that You did with me  the power which is equivalent to which You did with Jesus the Anointed One when You raised Him from death (And You raised me with Jesus also Eph. 2:6 ) & seated Him & me in Your left side in the Heaven higher above all your power and strength, and the sovereignty and each name is called …
Pray also Eph. 3:14  converting the pronoun to yourself …

2. Do not consider anyone over the Bible : Discharge yourself from any interpretation of previous floor and impression.
Read the Bible as if it’s the first time to read it , without any previous impression.
Put in consideration those principals when you read the Bible :
A. The interpretation of the word of God is Not by Majority.
B. The interpretation of the word of God is Not by Seniority.
C. The interpretation of the word of God is Not by The ability of persuasion.

3. Read from simple translation :  Such as the Amplified Bible ….
So that you understand the Bible in your daily language.

4. Concentrate you reading on the Epistles : The Epistles were writen to the Church (to us), and We can not understand the Old Testament and Gospels Before we understand the Epistles. So concentrate your reading on the Epistles.

5. Underline the ” In , By , through Christ “: When you read the Bible underline the  By , through , In Christ & speak aloud these verses converting the pronoun to yourself.

6. Read the entire text and not just the verse : Read the text as whole , the verses follows & the previous verses  even the chapters before & after the verse, in order to know its true meaning.

7. Be ready to give up and sacrifice the wrong teaching : If you discovered any wrong teaching be ready to sacrifice it.  Even if you believed it for many years. Even if you preached it or you heared it from a minister or a famous preacher you were trusting him .   That’s, if you really want to know the Truth &  to take what’s yours in Jesus Christ.

8. Submit under the word of God : Many know that the error humblness : not to talk about yourself, not to mention the word ” I , Me “, bowing heads.  These standards would be wrong for Jesus Christ and the Apostle Paul  mentioned themselves & said the word ” I , Me ” .  This did not happen. So let’s see the definition from the word of God  :
* Modesty is : bowing down and submiting under the WORD of God,
* Pride    is :  thinking out of the Bible’s thoughts.
1 Cor. 4:6 Amp. think not over what is written so that it does not pride one,
James 1:21 Amp.  receive the Word in humblness
* For more details read this article :What’s the meaning of “Humble Yourself” ?

9. Do not give double meanings to the verse : Many say in mistake : none of this word is literally, here as well as intended and not what you say simply Appreciation
2 Cor 1 : 13 Amp.  … We write to you only what you understand & simply what you read  no double meanng of what you read….

10. Do not accept less than what the Bible promises : If the teaching that you have revised & then lived & did not find the results , check it again.
Refuse to accept less than what He promised by the Bible , even if all those who around you are living in less than the promises of God in the Bible.

Start now to apply those steps.

Dr.Ramez Refaat K. Ghabbour

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